Afghan practice (square 3)

I spent some time studying the pattern and have a good idea of what I need to do for my own riff on it. It’s an interesting arrangement, and I can envision it in other colors and with slightly different construction. I think that’s a sign of a really good pattern—interesting enough for the initial project, and good fodder for future, original projects.

The blocks come together quickly. I’ve finished the third and have started the fourth.

Afghan practice (squares 1 and 2)

I started my first knit afghan this weekend. I chose the Hue Shift Afghan from In my first day of knitting, I completed two squares (out of one hundred).

So far, my observations are that the pattern is easy to memorize and that it’s definitely going to help me add more knitting skills (like picking up stitches and working with two colors).

Progress so far looks like this:

On to square 3!