Past projects

Oh, I so have the best of intentions. I should just top making bold declarations about things like updating my site regularly. The Fates are a fickle bunch and love to throw me curve balls.

After a great vacation and the subsequent three-plus months of illness, I am finally back and will be making updates. I know all two of you are very excited to hear that. :-)

I thought I’d celebrate my return by posting some photos of past projects from the various hobbies I dabble in. Quilting, jewelry, knitting. Some photography. A touch of travel.

The new content starts tomorrow. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Back from a brief break

Not long after the last post, the you-know-what hit the fan at work because I was on the downward slope toward a much-needed week off. I really don’t understand how that always happens, no matter how well I plan ahead. A mystery of life, for sure!

My husband and I planned to spend a week at Walt Disney World in Florida, but Mother Nature had other ideas for us. Thanks to a significant snowfall in New England, we extended our stay by three days. A nice surprise bonus for us. There are many photos from the trip, and I will be sharing some soon.

Upon return to Natavania, I immediately came down with something that can only be described as a cross between the flu, norovirus, and something out of Dante’s Inferno. I swear, I have never been so sick in such an incremental manner in my whole life! Just when I thought I was better, some other massively awful symptom would rear up, and let’s just say the whole experience of the last 10 days has been less than fun.

I have all kinds of things to share with you, including my first hats (yes, plural!), photos from Disney, and a baby dress! I am also in hot pursuit of my next knitting challenge.

The beauty of having your own blog…

…is that you can pay as much or as little attention to it as you like. Of course, without content, it’s just a stagnant web site, and what good does that do anyone?

Since the last entry, I’ve done quite a bit of knitting–even completed a few projects–but I’ve not been posting here. I need to become more disciplined about that.

Currently on my needles is a fairly simple scarf made of charcoal grey acrylic yarn. It’s based on the Button As You Please cowl in Knit Cowls by Lisa Gentry (Leisure Arts), but I will not be adding buttons and the length will likely be about twice what the pattern calls for. Otherwise, it’s identical to the pattern. ;-)