Back from a brief break

Not long after the last post, the you-know-what hit the fan at work because I was on the downward slope toward a much-needed week off. I really don’t understand how that always happens, no matter how well I plan ahead. A mystery of life, for sure!

My husband and I planned to spend a week at Walt Disney World in Florida, but Mother Nature had other ideas for us. Thanks to a significant snowfall in New England, we extended our stay by three days. A nice surprise bonus for us. There are many photos from the trip, and I will be sharing some soon.

Upon return to Natavania, I immediately came down with something that can only be described as a cross between the flu, norovirus, and something out of Dante’s Inferno. I swear, I have never been so sick in such an incremental manner in my whole life! Just when I thought I was better, some other massively awful symptom would rear up, and let’s just say the whole experience of the last 10 days has been less than fun.

I have all kinds of things to share with you, including my first hats (yes, plural!), photos from Disney, and a baby dress! I am also in hot pursuit of my next knitting challenge.