It happened again.

I swear, I started this blog with the best of intentions, among which was the idea that I’d update it regularly. I don’t consider “monthly” to be the equivalent of “regularly”. Let’s see what I can do over the next four weeks, hmm?

When last we joined our intrepid heroine, she updated us on her WIPs. Let’s pick up there, shall we?

  1. Steve’s scarf is at about 95% complete. The rib knit is done, but I need to weave in the ends. The jury is still out regarding fringe. I think we’re going to try it fringe-free at first and add it later if it’s determined that it needs a little something more.
  2. The textured zigzag shawl is at 15% complete. Or, I suppose, I should say that the second attempt at the zigzag shawl is, because, you see, I apparently do not have innately good yarn-choosing skills. (This doubt is keeping my stash to a very modest size, which is probably good.) The first yarn (Caron Simply Soft, 100% acrylic) was just not behaving well and left me completely frustrated. I took that off the needles and replaced it with Knit One, Crochet Too’s DungarEase yarn, which is a lovely cotton/acrylic blend, in the color Caribe. I find that I’m much better able to control this yarn, and the stitches are coming out the same size without too much effort on my behalf, and it’s an altogether more pleasant knitting experience. I do have concerns about how well I swatched this one, but one thing at a time.
  3. The cowl is now 40% complete, and I’m still loving the open weave. I alternate between working on the shawl and working on the cowl, but for a stretch I was focused on the cowl, which is part of why it’s so far ahead. I’m loving the color gradient still, too. It’s beautiful.

That’s all the project updating I have for now. Future projects are starting to come to me, and mostly they’re based on the skills that I want to learn, like knitting in the round, doing colorwork, and trying my hand at cables. I know what I like to look at, but I’m still not sure what I like to work on. This is significantly different from when I taught myself to quilt, when I knew right off that patchwork was the concentration for me. Maybe we’ll take a few trips down Memory Lane and look into my quilting history a bit! That should be good for a few entries…. :)