Thinking about knitting

In other news, I have a (as in “one”) extra-large L.L.Bean boat and tote bag dedicated to my current knitting queue. It’s amazingly roomy–currently holding upwards of a dozen skeins of yarn, four pattern books, my zipper pouch of interchangeable circular needles, and a bunch of little accessories (pouches of stitch markers and the like)–but everything is just in there in a jumble and it’s starting to make me a little crazy.

I’ve looked around online for knitting bags and project bags, and let me tell you, I must be the cheapest knitter there ever was! For the prices of some these bags, I could make 3 or more myself.

That aside, I’m feeling like the general dimensions of a L.L.Bean boat and tote bag are about right for me (and I do have several–I have a bit of a bag problem), and I cannot complain at all about the quality/durability of those bags. I think I might start with a Bean tote and create a bag insert for knitting supplies. I know I’ve seen patterns for “purse inserts” for normal purse stuff (and I might have a few in with my quilting patterns), but I’m thinking of designing something that’s more knitting oriented.

I don’t desire to haul my entire stash around when I’m out, nor do I want to take all my needles and stuff with me every time I travel. I kind of feel like I’m sort of minimalist when it comes to taking knitting with me, generally–just the yarn and needles I’m working with, the pattern (whether in a book or pamphlet or on a tablet), and maybe stitch markers and a darning needle. At the same time, though, I want some modularity for all the supplies (including for multiple projects at once) so I can just pick up a pouch or two and transfer to a different travel bag.

I like to think that these ideas of mine are practical solutions to these issues I seem to have, but just in case, have any of you seen anything for sale like what I’ve described? I don’t want to reinvent something that’s already out there.