Wrap update, 1/9

Everything aligned just so, and I had the right light at the right moment to get photos of the wrap progress!

Approximately 16″ wide (the edges are curled under):


Approximately 13″ long:


And one without the distraction of the ruler:


I think I need to complete 10 rows per day to make the full length goal (somewhere between 65″ and 70″) by January 31. I completed 6 yesterday, but I have already made up 3 so far this evening after work. Onward!

Plugging away

I’m going to have to measure the wrap soon to see just how much progress I’ve made and to figure out how much I need to do each day in order to meet the January 31 deadline. I am beginning to feel like I am not focusing well enough.

Wrap progress, 1/5

I’ve been working on the wrap as often as possible, mostly while watching TV. According to tonight’s measurement (11″), I’m about 1/6 of the way done! No photos tonight, as the lighting isn’t very good, but I will try to get a progress picture tomorrow.

I am also trying to decide on my next project, which I think will be a baby-sized something. I figure that will be a good approach to learning more techniques without having to commit to an adult-sized sweater, for example. I’m open to suggestions, so if you have a favorite baby hat or baby sweater pattern, please leave a link in the comments.