Anniversary wrap continues

I’ve turned some kind of mythical corner and am seeing both a reduction in the size of the yarn ball as well as an increase in the length of the wrap! No picture today, as I’m in the midst of a knit-a-thon, but suffice it to say that the wrap has reached approximately 18-19″ in length.

I’m very pleased with the stockinette stitch, and the more of that I knit, the more I like the detail of the lace. It doesn’t make me any more fond of the knitting of this particular lace with this particular yarn, though. I think it would be better with a finer yarn.

I’m trying hard not to let my mind wander too much, but I have spent some time recently looking at patterns and yarns, trying to find what I think will be the right combinations for future gifts for unsuspecting recipients. :)

Including today: 20 days left!