Change of direction

Despite my best efforts, I am not going to have enough time to complete the wrap for our upcoming trip to Florida. A wrap for a trip to Florida?! Well, yes. It is still technically winter, and it is possible for there to be temperature dips that are incompatible with what I’m planning to wear while there, so a wrap seemed like a perfectly logical item to make.

The wrap is coming along swimmingly. The overall length is in excess of 40″, which is quite an accomplishment in stockinette stitch. I know there are a couple of flaws in the knitting, but that’s OK. Those flaws give it character. However, in about another 25″ or so, I’ll be back to knitting lace, and that is a slow business. Add to that the blocking and drying that will have to be done–and having to work in all this effort around my day job–suffice it to say that it’s just better to call a halt to the proceedings rather than put undue pressure on myself to finish up.

The trip to Florida is the first of our 10th wedding anniversary celebrations, so I still want to make sure to have a few special items with me. Luckily, in storage, I have the wrap that I made for my wedding day! It is made from a length of sheer, white fabric, embroidered with blue flowers and green vines (similar to the wedding theme) and trimmed with fun, silky fringe. This wrap will work just fine for our celebratory evening out.

So, with the wrap project on hiatus for now, what’s on the needles next? I am making my husband a scarf–a 3×3 rib, 45 stitches wide, on US 7 needles–using yarn of his choosing. His pick was Sugar ‘n Cream Stripes from Lily, in the Tie Dye Stripes colorway (white and two shades of blue). The yarn is a very stiff, rough, all-cotton yarn, so it’s a little scratchy to work with, but the stitches look great!

Scarf for Steve

You’ll also notice that the scarf is on my one of my new Karbonz needles. I have the set of interchangeable circulars, and I LOVE THEM. I’m a new knitter, so my opinion might not carry as much weight as that of more experienced knitters, but what I like so much about these needles is that I have no worries about the yarn slipping off–the carbon fiber grabs the yarn just enough–and the needles are super comfortable in my hands. I’ll have a much more detailed review of the needles soon, after I use them for a while longer and have a chance to form more complete opinions.

Also! For my regular readers out there, I will be on vacation (as mentioned above) very soon. During that time, there will be a few pre-drafted posts, but I am undecided about posting from the road.

You will never guess what I’m working on!

The anniversary wrap continues. I’m up to something like 30″ total length, which is just shy of halfway there. With 13 knitting days left, attaining the goal is still a real possibility.

Work has been rather draining this week, so I did not make as much progress as I had hoped. Two things are working in my favor for this weekend, though:

  • In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this is a three-day weekend! Extra knitting time is mine (amid quiet contemplation, of course).
  • I purchased a set of Karbonz interchangable circular needles! These are made from carbon fiber, have nice pointy tips, and a super flexible cord. I’ve knit only a few rows with these needles so far, but I really like their weight and how the yarn behaves on them.

I’ll have more of an update on the other side of this holiday weekend!

Anniversary wrap continues

I’ve turned some kind of mythical corner and am seeing both a reduction in the size of the yarn ball as well as an increase in the length of the wrap! No picture today, as I’m in the midst of a knit-a-thon, but suffice it to say that the wrap has reached approximately 18-19″ in length.

I’m very pleased with the stockinette stitch, and the more of that I knit, the more I like the detail of the lace. It doesn’t make me any more fond of the knitting of this particular lace with this particular yarn, though. I think it would be better with a finer yarn.

I’m trying hard not to let my mind wander too much, but I have spent some time recently looking at patterns and yarns, trying to find what I think will be the right combinations for future gifts for unsuspecting recipients. :)

Including today: 20 days left!